5 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Landscaper

There are approximately 600,000 lawn care companies in the United States. These companies provide landscaping services, so homeowners do not have to do yard work. 

However, finding a trustworthy landscaper can take time and effort with the many options to choose between. 

Hiring the best landscaper will ensure your yard work is done efficiently and correctly each time. 

Continue reading to learn five key questions to ask before hiring a home landscaper

1. How Much Experience Do You Have?

Each company’s amount of experience will vary within the industry. Therefore, you will need to research their level of expertise before hiring. Doing so will ensure you hire a landscaper that knows what they’re doing. 

When searching for landscaping options, you usually want to pick companies with the most experience. This higher level of experience indicates they have refined techniques and understand landscaping. 

However, younger companies are not necessarily a poor option to consider. These companies often offer lower prices to earn your business. Consult with these companies to ensure they understand your needs before making any agreements. 

2. Do You Have References?

You should also ask each company you’re interested in if they have any references. Most companies have a list of previous clients you can contact for further information. 

Once you get this list, contact three to five previous customers for various opinions. Ask about their overall experience with the company and if they would recommend their services. 

Take this time also to ask anything you may be curious about. This advice will help you get the most out of the landscaping company and understand how they conduct business. 

3. Will we have an online rating? Are you going that for us?

Today, most businesses are judged on online reviews given by previous customers. These reviews help others decide which company best suits their needs and who to hire. 

Ask the company what their online rating is. Most companies will refer you to their review page, where you can find customer testimonials. 

You should further research these companies by looking up their reviews on other sites. For example, some of the best review sites include Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List. 

Pick a few of the top-rated options in your area. Doing so will ensure you hire a reliable company by weeding out the poorly rated options. 

4. What Is Your Pricing?

Most people have a budget they wish to stick to when choosing a landscaper. Therefore, you must ask about each company’s pricing before hiring. 

Some companies charge higher prices for their services, while others focus on fair pricing. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to request a quote from each company. A quote will give you a close estimation based on labor, materials, and fees.

5. Do You Have Insurance?

Another critical question to ask each company is if they have insurance. Insurance will protect your home from any accidents or damages.

Worker’s compensation insurance is also a necessity. This policy will keep you out of legal trouble should injuries occur on your property. 

Hiring a Home Landscaper

These questions will ensure you hire a reputable home landscaper as soon as possible. Always ask about their overall experience and their pricing before making a decision. 

Remember to contact us today for any of your landscaping needs. We will take the best care of you here at Advanced Landscape Services!